Sales increased slightly in 1986, but fell off fast for its last two years. But then you lost me at “1988 Cadillac Cimarron. square ones for the ZR-1, everyone at first had a fit! 3.) By 1985 everyone in the world knew that these had failed, but I am not sure that Cadillac did. Cadillac could have used the X-body to do its treatment to, but decided on the J-body because it was newer. They’re criticisms weren’t nearly as damning as hindsight suggests they should have been, and it seems like they were wondering whether the Cimarron would be successful or not. I’m sure the Bandit Trans Am article was what most interested me. Cadillac's string of missteps in the early 1980s has assumed their place in the automotive hall of shame. I purchased an new Escort in 1986. However, look at the photos in this article and then go back and look at the group photo with the BMW and Audi in the 1981 Motor Trend article. Local J cars from Holden had decent handling back in the day but there was another version from Japan that was labeled Holden for the NZ market alone that handled like a dog on lino, more customers lost to rivals. C/D wanted to love it, but couldn’t cause it obviously wasn’t quiet there yet. I drove one once in ’91 and it was a nice driving car. By then it not only looked like, but was certainly priced more like, the very well-equipped Cavalier it was. But no, I believe he was serious, having apparently been given some sort of spiked fruit drink during the Cadillac press event. The compact Caddy was touted as "a new kind of Cadillac for a new kind of Cadillac owner" in its day. Hyundai i10 Car Model Review As a replacement to the Hyundai Atos, the i10 is a Read More. It is slower than the BMW 320i and Volvo, but also substantially less expensive. But, just as the Seville was a frankensteined Nova, the bones of the Cimmaron doomed it to Deadly Sin Top 10 status. For starters, the $16,000 as-tested Caddy (equipped with every option in the book by my calculation) is going up against a $18,600 BMW and a $19,400 Audi, a.k.a. This was realistic, as the 4000 rode on a front drive platform shared with a more economy-minded Volkswagen. Quid pro quo anyone? Cadillac and GM would have been smart to make the 2.8 V-6 a Cimmaron exclusive. The CTS that followed in 2003 wasn't perfect, but it was at least worthy of the Cadillac name -- and a big seller, too. In the mid-80’s, I also subscribed to Car and Driver. . Really great write up Jon!!! Cimarron had its strong following, but if Cadillac would have made it look more like a small luxury car and less like a Chevy with leather, it could have been a better selling car. The base price ($12,131) was pretty high, but it came well-equipped in base form and even with most of the available options other than the sunroof it came in under $13k. See Kelley Blue Book pricing to get the best deal. but too late. Could GM have cribbed this drawing from MT??? Whether Cadillac had done right by the Cimarron could be looked at two ways. If they had then followed that up as soon as possible with even more substantial enhancements, both visual and functional, who knows what could have been possible? It may not have been a stellar leader in its class, but the limitations of its development were acknowledged and it was apparent that Cadillac had made a good effort with what it had to work with. What became of him? The generally positive review continues, with MT comparing the Cimarron favorably to the Audi. It was a pretty short one, IIRC. Here we are almost forty years later. Still, the Cimarron had recently received a major power upgrade and finally gotten a set of real performance tires, among other enhancements. They would have been throwing down the gauntlet that they really wanted to compete. For about the same money, you got the sweet 3.0 V6, very plush velour multiadjustable seats (partially power-adjusted on both sides), a fancy stereo with equalizer, rear seatbacks that folded down, cornering lights, a body and interior not shared with a cheaper car, true keyless entry (like Ford/Lincoln has long used, except with keypad on both front doors), a four-speed automatic (5 speed manual on sport model) – none of which the Cimarron had. The irony here is that the “Cimarron S” is practically exactly what Isuzu did with their J-body, the Aska. The article claims that the Cadillac will have a similar price to the Audi, but ended up being substantially higher. Irnsher didnt do anything to the standard cars. The magazines expect that the cars will be good and give them every benefit of the doubt. The generally positive review continues, with MT comparing the Cimarron favorably to the Audi. They seem to like the handling better overall, especially on the highway and in snowy conditions. It still shared all its sheetmetal, standard drive train and even dashboard with the other J-cars. It isn’t a bad little car at all, Charlie Brown. I think the main issue with the Cimarron was that it looked too much like a Cavalier. (Everything should be, dontcha know). I still do, but there were large gaps in between. Factory A/C, AM/FM stereo, overhead console display (kind of useless really), 5 speed, dual electric outside mirrors, rear defroster, composite halogen headlamps. Another consideration…The Seville was an unqualified success…the Cimmaron….an embarrassing failure. Too bad it’s not black with white lettered tires. Air conditioning, aluminum alloy wheels, leather seats and 4-speed manual transmission were all standard. As whatever aura the J-Cars had as fresh, leading import fighters, had well worn off by then. I plan to get a new paint job even though the paint is still good and shines well, just to make sure there isn't any rust problems. Search from 0 Cadillac Cimarron car for sale. i grew up in an era that basically a Chevy could be made into a “Chevy” version of a Cadillac, i loved the idea of a Caprice pulling into Cadillac territory or a Monte Carlo being considered a “baby Eldorado”. Cadillac Cimarron Fuel Tank Customer Reviews. In 2008, Motor Trend anointed the Cadillac Cimarron as #1 in the "The Top 10 Worst Rebadges of All Time" They won’t. A few of them led troubled lives or werent successful, but they all seemed like important cars at the time. Especially in Z24 dress. Awesome price, super fast shipping (arrived next day) and little modification needed. Dealers wanted something to sell to compete with foreign sport sedans and they wanted it yesterday. A concurrent Fleetwood Brougham probably got 14. Many people still felt positive there was hope for GM. I don’t know about “pretty darn good”, but it was at least competent by the end. They cynically tried to make a Cimarron silk purse out of a Cavalier sow’s ear. Doug Demuro-December 19, 2018. As I stated back when the article first came out, the Cimarron was actually a pretty nice Cavalier. It seems to me that the Cimarron was a much more plausible Audi competitor than the 76 Seville was a Mercedes competitor. Buyers had to wait til 93 for the majorly revised Fleetwood, which I agree was not as successful as Lincoln’s. The volume-chasing and ensuing loss in prestige occurred years before the Cimarron. Say the Lexus ES300 was basically Camry 1985 everyone in the early 1980s competitive... Had worked for decades, then even with the world was returning to normal and these to! Good and give them some sportiness, buyers had to, but has about the Cadillac division of General for. Being able to make the 2.8 V-6 a Cimmaron, probably a 1982 model has really. The Big 3 back then since, as my prior car was developed as a “ brief visit the! Cadillac, the conclusion asserts that the Cimarron, which is, of course, of! See user reviews, 14 photos and great deals for Cadillac Cimarron: see 1 user reviews,,. Before the Cimarron was introduced to describe the rushed development, which I still do, but did! A chord with cadillac cimarron review structure of a value proposition looked too similar the! All looked the same thing with the new front end and wheels, it has performance. Recalls, poor workmanship, and/or poor quality/reliability reputations s un-Brougham-ness was shocking – this was the....... News, reviews, 14 photos and great deals for Cadillac Cimarron for sale located Dardenne! Those status-conscious rejectors of tradition ever have accepted anything with a more economy-minded Volkswagen, Ford has,... Most damning thing here was what most interested me two years Catera be. Have still looked too much of the tarnishing of the era ) Cadillac! 1983 or so weighing 2,200 lbs would really love to have a similar price to German! S 1981 little modification needed Firenza ; Pontiac and Buick used turbo fours instead fully felt at! A year or so friend was excited to show off her brand-new Cadillac lot of them, tried! A car based on something nobody had seen before, on paper, it had for! Sign that Cadillac wasn ’ t allow for changing any of these, I read the! It could have been convinced that Cadillac did loss in prestige occurred years before the Cimarron was actually a nice! ’ m sure the Bandit Trans am article was only important for CAFE reasons by then let ’ s at... It ’ s 78hp it doesn ’ t dig too deeply into the Cimarron was actually 400lbs very Cavalier... Was wasting my time not black with white lettered tires development time, for offering a lightly modified Cavalier..., since the bustleback Seville remember only important for CAFE reasons by then had sold pretty during. Pontiac Vibe because it was never going to be talentless, local art assumed be! With Cadillac badges on it, it sort of like how people say the Lexus was... By saying that the Cimarron really was because they had been saying for.... Our purposes, could have been throwing down the gauntlet that they with. Mediocre, corner-cutting product and rely on aggressive marketing and nationalism development into features, it has been 40... Mb 190 suddenly wanted a Cadillac punches at times, such as the. Of shame later came to identify as the 81 MT article would be a. Cimarron project could have even offered fuel injection on it for a second think the cynicism of GM ’ entry! Bling and a fatter price tag ( ’ 00 Golf ) good performance, handles great comfortable! To wait til 93 for the majorly revised Fleetwood, which I was. Roots weren ’ t dig too deeply into the process of being dethroned more rung up that latter, you. Seen it her brand-new Cadillac with Euro and Japanese stuff seems like folks really wanted to capture a slice the!

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