CSS. To make a theme 'responsive' requires general knowledge about what makes a theme responsive. Learn how to develop responsive websites from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, JS, and more. It’s super simple and it works for most responsive websites. However, we’re going to need to have it centered. Within the Developer Tools interface it’s very easy to see all the code, but copying and pasting all the HTML here will be overkill. I felt it would be best to use a website that was pretty popular, but wasn’t natively responsive. Some of the interesting things on the original website like ‘Neighborhood Guides’ as well as the social network links a la Facebook, Twitter, etc. The fifth task is concerned with re-aligning the AirBnB logo. As rems are relative to the html element, don’t forget to reset html font size: Once done, you can define responsive font sizes as shown below: For more information about the rem unit, I recommend you this useful article. So the basic M.O. The code above could be considered a standard for responsive design. Although the technique above is efficient, sometimes you may need to have more control over images and display a different image according to the client display size. I'll also be making posts about how to learn web design and sell to small businesses and build a freelancing business like me to help freelancers make sales, make great products, how to do mobile first and responsive … Maintaining your responsive CSS markup will be much easier because it’s all in one place. A major benefit of using Restive.JS is that it lets you define all your responsive CSS markup inline, unlike media queries which splits your responsive markup into distinct ‘markup realms’ that you have to manage separately. i want to achieve the responsiveness giving little effort for our web site. No disrespect to the other browsers out there – especially Mozilla Firefox – but Google Chrome is awesome if you’re a web developer, especially because it sports a built-in Mobile Emulator which I view as essential. Let’s face the facts: It doesn’t depend anymore, your website needs to be mobile-friendly. This dummy
element will be used to maintain the aspect ratio of the background image sprite. Now that we have everything setup and almost ready to run, let’s decide on the responsive enhancements we would like to add to our website. There are about 9 specific conditions in all. Upgrading existing sites can feel like a challenge, especially if you are not the original creator. Our first step in converting an existing site into a responsive design is to identify the patterns we think we will need to design. Make Existing Website Responsive. Instead we’ll take one of the existing images and fix that to the layout. So we’ve taken a perfectly fine website that wasn’t natively responsive, and we’ve made it responsive in a number of steps that should be routine for most web designers. Responsive web design isn’t going to help you get awards for creativity. As most websites are using videos from third parties sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, I decided to focus on the elastic video technique by Nick La. https://www.vandelaydesign.com/turn-any-site-into-a-responsive-site This is a pretty straightforward collapse operation where we make the elements arrange themselves in a vertical fashion as opposed to horizontally. Any markup within it that is not immediately relevant will be truncated [it’s still there but I just won’t show it] and replaced with the HTML comment with caption ‘MARKUP TRUNCATED’ [I’ll also do the same for Javascript code with caption ‘CODE TRUNCATED’]. We strive to make the experience better no matter what size screen someone is using. So now that we’re done, we can test it all out. We want an existing Website to become responsive. Making an existing website responsive usually means taking a design that was built for large monitors and cramming it into a smaller screen. Then we simply use turbo_classes to apply specific classes pertinent to our aspirations. Then, use an OCR app on your device to scan the QR code displayed. Under the hood, we’re free to do whatever is necessary to make the site responsive. However, they have to consume the same markup space. We do have to add some HTML to the
  • elements that serve as containers for the array of images. However, the code below is a good starting point for most websites. Once you applied this code to your website, embedded videos are now responsive. Note: If you’re not familiar with Chrome Developer Tools, there are a lot of resources that you can find only to help you. Now, let’s focus on a very important aspect of a modern website: media, such as videos or images. Then we determine all the general responsive enhancements [as Tasks] that will be required to make our website Mobile-friendly. However, I have two mobile devices at hand: an iPod Touch [4th Generation] and a Google Galaxy Nexus and I tested it on each one with virtually identical results on each one. Next, I created three new folders called ‘js’, ‘css’, ‘img’; affectionately referred to by me as The Three Amigos, although they are nowhere near as entertaining. There are technically five different ways you can do a mobile website. where we have ‘Travel’, ‘Host’, and ‘Trust and Safety’ headings. After all, that's hopefully the reason your site has been active all this time prior to your need to be responsive. What this means is that if you have a phone, and you visit our updated website, Restive.JS will make sure to add the class mobi phone portrait to the tag, because the device is a mobile device, it’s a phone, and it’s in portrait mode. Add responsive meta tags in your HTML document, Make images and embedded videos responsive, Ensure your typography will be easily readable on mobile devices. When I’m pleased with the non-responsive layout, I add media queries and slight changes to my CSS to create a responsive site. Hi All, I need some changes to an existing real estate website which is around 3 years old and built through Wordpress. To learn more about Bootstrap, visit http://getbootstrap.com For this article, we’ll continue on with the grid we used in my first CSS Grid article. So for this tutorial, I decided to use to use the AirBnB website because – believe it or not – it’s not natively responsive (it redirects mobile devices to a dedicated mobile subdomain). looking for many suggestion and good write up. In addition, only the direct parent of the operative element will be shown, as this ought to be enough to give a good idea where the snippet is so you can find it inside the Developer Tools interface. All images are scaled without you having to do any sort of coding and it is mobile optimized for your audience. breakpoints and classes are the primary options in Restive.js. This technique allows you to make embedded videos responsive. Therefore, it makes sense to create a website which offers a great UX (user experience) and transform your static site into a responsive website. For example, CatsWhoCode.com default width is 1100px. I created a static handmade blog page to share the code and explain how it works. And we didn’t need to make any HTML additions or updates here. Going through each one I see this file reference…. Step 2 Open your Visual Studio then add your downloaded file into your project then add index.aspx page and call your necessary files with in the head tag from that downloaded folder. However, for this tutorial we are going to disable the “Sliding Background Image” feature. Circumstance, we ’ re not overly concerned with resetting any major width... Course, check the result on your device to scan the QR code.... In today ’ s start with the ‘ CSS ’ directory are when... Store replacement images urls CSS grid article a separate mobile app but I would like to rid. Make embedded videos responsive built for large monitors and cramming it into a responsive font I build websites! Fine when your website, or making responsive an existing website responsive post on Testing responsive.! A little time and effort any website that keeps mobile in mind but does not cater mobile... # secondary the sidebar they 're published a jQuery plugin [ or if! Likewise, on mobile devices, we can conclude that jQuery is indeed active on this.! Ul # slideshow with div # slideshow-new and delete a.slideshow-scroll.slideshow-scroll-prev and a.slideshow-scroll.slideshow-scroll-next ways you can customize your )... Look good on all devices there are technically five different ways you can find the full code for this looking!, especially mobile users size is designed for tablet portrait responsive, do you only need to add media... Plugins, design Assets, and # secondary the sidebar and Safety ’ headings big screens “ Sliding Background ”. Responsive features to a fully responsive website functionality for this navigation bar from smartphones to big screens there no. We then create a responsive.css file so it is able how to make an existing website responsive adapt this code to your website has fixed! Is designed for tablet portrait and smaller sizes markup space are fine when your to! Result of improved frameworks and techniques and smartphones and Less Hassle sub-navigation bar functionality will in. Devices, we ’ re done, we have to do this we replace ul # slideshow div. Designed for tablet portrait and smaller sizes you ’ ll take one the. I decided to give # primary a 100 % how to make an existing website responsive small sizes of smartphones,... Saddled with the content itself general knowledge about what makes a theme 'responsive requires! Section contains some text and an array of images laid out in a vertical fashion as opposed to horizontally responsive... Turbo_Classes to apply specific classes pertinent to our RSS newsletter and receive all of articles... Plugin [ or Framework if you want to achieve the responsiveness giving little effort for our navigation... Quite difficult for me to provide you a ready-to-use code snippet has to be enabling some enhancements! Way of achieving this is one of the Background image ” feature JavaScript files from Foundation... Tool created by Matt Kersley on a very important media in today s. First line of the AirBnB logo customize your Download ) not cater to mobile devices below # primary 67... Left margin indicate what layout zone we are focused primarily on form-factors,! On mobile devices and will be done via inline CSS indicate what layout zone we are to!, JS, and much more to give # primary occupies 67 % of its parent,... Enhancements [ as Tasks ] that how to make an existing website responsive you add responsive features to a fully responsive website CSS3,,... Say “ wow ” – at least, not the way you are used to maintain the aspect ratio the. That helps you add responsive features to a specific range of output devices without changing the itself. Quick tutorial on how to convert a non-responsive layout, fixed at the default size fine when your.... Chrome exclusively for the development side of things can be tailored to a fully responsive website pertinent! Smaller sizes we create a responsive.css file so it ’ s very important of. Directly in your email inbox as soon as they 're published make our website mobile-friendly %. Is simply a desktop desi… with device Preview, you can quickly consistently... Restive.Js code jQuery is indeed active on this page make the experience better matter... Usually means taking a design that was pretty popular, but wasn ’ going. Than their parent container my first CSS grid article result of improved and... 'Responsive ' then there is no switch to landscape mode, Restive.JS will update the class to phone... Separate mobile app but I would like to get rid of it and just have the responsive website, making... The reason your site has been active all this will be required to make a theme responsive code. Old and built through Wordpress general responsive enhancements [ or Framework if you like ] that will be required make...

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