- Preliminary phytochemical screening of leaves yielded carbohydrates, steroids, triterpenes, phenolics, flavonoids, alkaloids, amino acids, saponins, glycosides, tannins, and volatile oils. (21) Others Crotalaria juncea L. (accepted name) / Chinese names / Catalogue of Life, China Common names: Sun hemp, Indian hemp, Madras hemp. - Paper-making: Three properties make sunn hemp ideal for paper-making: (1) good yield of bleachable sulphate pulps. PUNICAE. Edibility Sunn Hemp (Crotalaria junicea L.) has two major advantages over the common cover crops used in the area. There were no significant differences in sunn hemp aboveground biomass production among seeding rates (P =0.2808) (Table 5). India 'Advanced Center for Plant Virology. Organ net weight decreased, histology showed disintegration necrosis and degeneration in the liver, renal tubular cell degeneration and exfoliation, zona glomerulosa hypertrophy in the adrenals, and splenic increase in megakaryotic cells and lymphocytes. • Seed Oil Fatty Acid / Antioxidant / Anti-Inflammatory / Antibacterial: Study showed (1) high amount of linoleic acid (62%) in C. juncea seed oil. Plant sunn hemp once soil temperatures have reached 65°F. (4) Image of plant, beautiful, family - 168997436 (13) The seed will germinate at soil temp of 48°F However, the plant grows much better as the soil temperatures and night temperatures are much warmer. Don’t forget the cowpea type inoculant. Many ascending branches are velvet-hairy. Sunn Hemp Production Guide: Planting Time: Sunn Hemp is a tropical legume. - Jun. However, it does not perpetuate itself well and is not found in the wild. 984–991, 18 March, 2011 Aqueous alcoholic fraction and methanol extract showed the highest radical scavenging activity against DPPH radical. Photo about Sunn hemp is a plant in the legume family. Bract minute; bracteoles 2, below the calyx. Parts used Under Cover Farmers - Feature Length - Duration: 28:34. unpublished. Extracts of roots, leaves, stems and seeds were analyzed for their presence. (11) It is not as strong as hemp (Cannabis sativa). Study concludes that various extracts arrest spermatogenesis and are likely to have antiandrogenic activity. In sap from sunn-hemp plants assayed on N. glutinosathe dilution end-point was 10-6-10-7, the thermal inactivation point (10 min) was 90°-95°C and infectivity survived for over 8 years at 20-32°C (Capoor, 1962; Capoor & Varma, 1948). (13) (19) - Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock Inflorescence an erect at branch-ends and lateral raceme, up to 30 cm long, 12-20-flowered. (18) (also see study [3] above) (15) Folkloric You have entered an incorrect email address! Strangely -- 1) some of the names are not common at all, and we may find them not known to us -- 2) some of the common plants … While drying the forage avoids adverse effects, animals still suffer toxic effects when fed large amounts of seed. Sunn Hemp Shows Promise as Biofuel Source By Ann Perry January 3, 2012. Crotalaria juncea, known as brown hemp, Indian hemp, Madras hemp, or sunn hemp, is a tropical Asian plant of the legume family . - Phytochemical screening of seeds of C. juncea yielded alkaloids, glycosides, saponins and tannins, and an absence of steroids, flavonoids, and reducing sugars. 'Tropic Sun'), Sunn Hemp Shows Promise as Biofuel Source, The contents and pharmacology of Crotalaria juncea- A review, Biological evaluation of some medicinal plant extracts for contraceptive efficacy in females, Evaluation Of Phytochemicals And Antioxidant Potentials Of Crotalaria Juncea Seeds, Evaluation and Use of Sunn Hemp (Crotalaria juncea L.) at the Manhattan Plant Materials Center, Manhattan, Kansas, ANTI-OBESITY AND HYPOGLYCEMIC EFFECT OF ETHANOLIC EXTRACT OF CROTALARIA JUNCEA IN HIGH FAT DIET INDUCED HYPERLIPIDEMIC AND HYPERGLYCEMIC RATS, Potential Herbal Medicines and Drug Interactions, List Karay-kagay - Oil analysis yielded palmitic acid (16.01-18.09%), stearic acid (7.29-10.15%), oleic acid (6.69-14.41%), linoleic acid (54.44-6236%), linolenic acid (0.7-7.86%). Sunn hemp for Soil Health and Nematode Management - Duration: 7:44. Of 14 plants with confirmed contraceptive action, significant contraceptive effects were seen with Crotalaria juncea, together with Verbena hydrida, V. bonariensis and P. tuberosa. We source these seeds from highly reputed producers and supply them to international markets at competitive prices. As biennial plant. (1) Sources and Suggested Readings (17) Because this is a legume crop that fixes its own nitrogen (N), N fertilization is not required. BENGAL HEMP We are a reputed Exporter and Supplier of Sunn Hemp Seeds form Tamil Nadu. J. Sci. So it serves as a natural fertilizer for the soil. usda sunn hemp plant guide download. - Leaves contain an abundance of mucilage, a little solid fat and a resin soluble in ether. C. juncea should not be fed to horses, and intake of hay by cattle should be restricted to 10% of their diet. Botany (8) English-Tamil dictionary. Antispermatogenic and hormonal effects of Crotalaria juncea Linn. • Comparative Antimicrobial Activity Against Xanthomas oxanopodis / Seeds: Study evaluated the efficacy of antimicrobial peptides from four medicinal plants, i.e., Glycine max, Crotalaria juncea, Adenanthera pavonina and Lawsonia inermis against Xanthomas oxanopodis pv. Leaf is simple, about 2.5-10.5 cm long, about 6-20 mm broad, linear or oblong, blunt or somewhat pointed, apiculate, velvet-hairy on both sides, hairs appressed, silky. sunn hemp translation in English-Tamil dictionary. It is generally considered to have originated in India. (2) pulp strength properties, and (3) length-to-width ration of bast fiber is greater than that of wood fibers. Flowers are scattered, on terminal racemes, 8 to 20 centimeters long. Found 1 sentences matching phrase "hemp plant".Found in 2 ms. / doi:10.1016/0378-8741(94)01211-H - Defatted seed cake yielded an amino acid composition (g/100g) of: essential amino acids (isoleucine 1.17, leucine 2.10, lysine 1.67, phenylalanine 0.92, threonine 0.88, tryptophan 0.53, tyrosine 0.78 and valine 0.96); and non- essential amino acids ( alanine 2.12, arginine 2.72, glutamic acid 9.45, glycine 1.53 and proline 1.10).

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