ShippingEasy got a 5-star review from our team. Now, with that said, the MW rating isn’t set in stone. I personally have absolutely no incentive to give Merchant Warehouse a positive review. How can I verify if my order has been shipped? Called Customer Relations, they said to deal with my Srvc Rep. I’m disappointed to hear that MW didn’t thoroughly explain this to you before signing, as they absolutely should have. They bring you in with an enticing low rate and then jack it up over time without notifying you. When your trying to run a business effeciently, these type of constant, daily set backs are ridiculous. Our industry (adult novelties) is considered by the banks and processing companies – to be “High Risk” (although our return rate and cb rate is exceedingly lower than most “low risk” retail sites). I wish this bad review I gave them could come off this site, as the company truly did the right thing. Disclaimer: Merchant Maverick aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information to assist you in your research. Thanks for the review, I am still weighing my options but your website has helped us move in the direction of finalizing a system to use for our new site. Technology has almost made the number 1 source of payment credit cards. While we do have certain company procedures, it appears you were using a POS system that would necessitate a setup by a certain “sales team” who specializes in this integration. Talk about a lack of confidence and loss of reputation to your business. That terminal was also sent back due to software expiration. Cayan is a terrible credit card processor. They are not. When speaking with customer support the simply stated I signed a contract and I have to pay it. I should have received my funds Friday, but now the earliest, EARLIEST I can get the funds is Tuesday, except the risk dept. Again, once we realized this we reworked the account to lower the costs of taking those specific cards. Isn’t interesting how this site gave them a near perfect score on customer service, while all the reviewers gave a 1 star? However, Cayan doesn't list pricing plans on its website, which means merchants will need to negotiate a fee structure that works best for them. In the end we filed a complaint with the state Attorney General’s office and used PayPal instead.Cayan has absolutely no financial incentive to provide CVV and billing address verification. I’m still waiting, but am exploring other venues. There should have been a communication.The associate I was sending your way isn’t calling for an account after this, because he doesn’t want this kind of hassle either. Please continue to keep us posted about this. I have been a customer for 9 years and was insulted by their supervisor. This whole scenario, right down to the ‘batch record’ request is like deja vu but 2 yrs after-the-fact. , Advertiser Disclosure: Our unbiased reviews and content are supported in part by. Square is free to use and currently includes a free card reader at sign-up! Very professional and has always replied to any inquire. Again, no one picks up the phone. Designed for businesses that accept credit cards and are looking for an alternative processor, it offers credit card processing and integrated customer engagement solutions. I know it’s tough to judge an ISO without letting the entire relationship take its course, but even a little bit of info will help out a ton. Second, Cayan doesn’t provide any information about interchange-plus pricing on their website, which we consider to be the fairest, most transparent pricing model for the majority of merchants. Cayan does not charge an early termination fee (ETF) for closing your account. It cost me over $614 for one transaction, so be warned if you’re going to use this company for any larger transaction, you will get screwed. I do not know how this company has received 4 stars since all the reviews are below 3 and most are 1. Merchant Warehouse within 24 hrs put me on the Terminated Merchant File issued by Visa and MasterCard! No – can’t call that department direct – there is not number to call – there is no person to speak with in that department. Since it has NOT been removed I have no choice but to leave a reply stating the company, Merchant Warehouse, now named CAYAN, is a reputable company and their customer service is great. As a small “mom and pop” business in the Fingerlakes we have had many processors over the years and MW is (in our experience) not that bad. How does a compnay with such bad reviews have such a high rating??? And we still have not received a single callback stating when there will be a fix, and how they will compensate us for the extra fees, lost time and general lack of understanding for how critical merchant processing is for a business. They said, “Well, we’ve already taken that $99, and it is non-refundable.”That’s on top of all of their OTHER nuisance fees. You can always contact their risk department to double check too. Janelle Martignetti I agree, I have to follow directions better. I contacted Merchant Warehouse in hopes they would be able to provide decent rate, and it appears they have. That is bad business and I would never do that to one of our customers. go somewhere else! After spending a good part of two days trading e mails, account statements, applications, and several different forms, I was approved. I am an electrical contractor. When can I capture payments from my e-Commerce store? We’ve seen many complaints from merchants alleging that they were charged monthly account fees for months after they thought they had closed their accounts. While Merchant Warehouse strives to ensure that there are never any delays in funding, it appears that there was an unforseen issue which happened to delay the deposit of one particular batch for this merchant. It took for me several hours- calling my bank, calling Walls Fargo, calling someone else… eventually I found who is this. This means customers deemed not compliant with PCI standards will be charged $125 per month every month until the customer becomes PCI … After Cayan has been charging me for 5 years they claim I need to apply again due to lack of transactions. There was no e-mail address on the form so I had to call again. Nope. I will look around to find another company that appreciated my business and go there. It’s an very obvious bait and switch tactic that they have employed. Whatever percentage that they quoted you is completely false. where I was immediately transferred to voice mail. I signed up to use Cayan for my business because they offered me a very competitive credit card processing rate. What’s even better, is our rates! How many times do they plan on charging my company this amount? We are grateful that you spoke with us and allowed us to credit you for the period of time during which there was the miscommunication. We’ll see what happens. They called to cancel one and gave us that account number. Janelle Kahn We hope you now understand now that our intent was not to be underhanded or deceitful. Unfortunately, I just received an invoice for their Genius device for July even thought it was unusable for basically the entire month. Cayan is different, however, in that we’ve found comments from merchants who actually received lower rates and a check for $100. Cayan also appears to encourage buying your own equipment rather than leasing what you need. Sorry for all the confusion. You should double-check with the service provider/financial institution directly as well as obtain independent financial advice prior to making any financial commitments or business decisions. A day later I get an email saying our account with Merchant Warehouse is closed and I shouldn’t accept any more transactions. We sincerely apologized and, hopefully, the merchant at least understands that we weren’t trying to be deceptive in any way. Would not recommend them. Please update us if there are any developments. We have no say in these rates and mostly simply pass them on. +1.800.941.6557 tel. They receive their fees either way, and if a chargeback occurs, they get extra money from that, as well.Avoid this payment processor, unless you want to deal with this expensive nonsense. This should be your first stop if you’re trying to fix a technical problem, and it could save you from having to call Customer Service at all. Janelle Kahn After four e mails to my salesman and customer service, I still got the same answer. When I called to inquire about this processing service, I specifically asked if it worked with my current business software. All funds were accounted for at the time of our conversation and he now has a dedicated representative to help him should he need any further assistance with his account. Lol! Find out if Cayan credit card processing is right for your business. Our unbiased reviews and content are supported in part by affiliate partnerships, and we adhere to strict guidelines to preserve editorial integrity. Cayan has been accredited with the BBB since 2002, and currently carries an A+ rating. I guess if they never answer the phone they can simply keep on charging businesses and simply call it a “feature” that you need to speak to someone at an understaffed department in order to end your contract. Cayan has the small to mid-size business owner in mind. Everything just works pretty smoothly. November 2019. Merchant Warehouse has been very patient with us in dealing with any chargebacks we have from customers. Glad to be of service. The answer I just got on the phone was – “Can you send me the batch records? And, no one over there seemed to care. From simple and reliable payment processing, to fully integrated, multichannel customer engagement platforms, Cayan is continuously developing new ways to unlock the power of payments. A rip off, uncaring, screw-the-customer organization. I signed up in March 2010. all the same – crooks. Cayan won’t prorate it or offer partial refunds if you decide to close your account or switch providers. To process a test credit card payment, use the card number 4111111111111111 and any expiration date in the future. All I can say is SCAM.. Stay away. Featured Offer: We Recommend QuickBooks . AND – I WILL FIND OTHERS TO JOIN IN – LOOKING AT SOME REVIEWS ONLINE, I DON’T THINK I WILL HAVE ANY ISSUES WITH A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.CATHERINE SIEBERTOWNER – CATHERINE KELLIE STUDIOSPHONE – 586-216-7144PS – IF FOR SOME REASON YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THIS MESSAGE THROUGH EMAIL – I WILL PUBLICLY POST IT WHERE EVER I CAN TO HELP MAKE SURE YOU FIND IT.On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 3:59 PM, wrote: Important Message from Merchant Warehouse Dear Merchant, To cancel your account, please visit the web site below and fill in the requested information. More importantly, though, I was thrilled to see how well this company handles complaints in the public forum. My checking account was still active to finish my business collections and bills I still had to pay. I always encourage merchants to negotiate the ETF out of their contracts, so it’s a huge relief to see that you won’t have to worry about it here. From the terminal's Genius by Cayan idle screen, enter 000 on the device's keypad. Our team of experts spends hours on every review so that we can find the best companies to recommend to our readers. Genius Merchant Portal. Sage/Paya Check Services. They said my account looked fine, but clearly it was not. email: When the Customer purchases a package from the Customer View. I was charged 3.5%. The customer service reps are rude and you have to be forceful to get a manager on the phone. I’d also like to see a better disclosure of PCI compliance fees and to have this fee charged monthly (prorated) instead of annually. We will explore our policies in this area moving forward. People say things online, as on this forum, which may fairly represent a poor experience, and that can be a little scary. The difficulty and time needed to cancel are absolutely staggering. Merchant Warehouse. One of the absolute worst customer service companies ever. Cayan LLC designs and develops software solutions. That way I could have used Pay Pal of which I have no limits.I couldn’t be more upset or more disappointed in Merchant Warehouse. Cayan classifies itself as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO), notable for the fact that it offers both cost-plus and bundled pricing for its credit card processing services. I think Merchant Warehouses is the one that needs to be schooled. Responses are not provided or commissioned by the vendor or bank advertiser. They are a good company as long as you stay with them. FINALLY, SOMEONE CALLS ME BACK TODAY AND TELLS ME THAT A LINK WILL BE SENT, BUT THE LINK – WELL IT LEADSNO WHERE!! The sales person never helped me, he sent me back to Customer Service, as if it was their problem.In the end nobody helped me, they just said oh well! I called customer service and they said – this is the rate due to the amount of the charge. back to February when cayan decided not to deposit the fund and holding it in cayan bank account that may be invested and make money off our fund, I asked cayan why you are holding the fund and cayan answer that cayan will deposit the fund to our account after the service be completed and the customer is satisfied and as of today 3/21/2018 the service has been completed 03/17/2018 my client is satisfied. How about not charging me when you don’t provide any service. We have only been with MW since February and except for dealing with the headphone jack ID Tech swipers we started with using our Registroid Cloud POS system on the android tablets, we hadn’t really had any problems until today. Lendio is one of our top picks for PPP/Business Financing! Must have a 600+ credit score, $100K+ annual revenue, and 1+ year in business. Success at last! There were numerous glitches getting started including holding funds unnecessarily, canceling valid charges because they happened to be for the same amount, and a couple other issues. Client gives you their Credit Card number and information over the phone: For this transaction you will use Design Manager as normal. I was ok with this. Way to go Cayan. I too, will not give anymore of my hard earned money to this bad company. This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated. 2. So I call today and they say that my funds are on hold and they can’t tell me why? Which payment was the one that was in question the $1300 or the $250? (Most experts recommend cost-plus or interchange-plus plans). I will post back in a few months to update everyone on how it's going. In this case we clearly did not set proper expectations that the first FULL month would be free but, objectively, I think everyone would understand our intent was to maximize savings, not to deceive. That is, once I finally get the statment. If you do not think my story is typical, go online and review the HUNDREDS of people that have been SCREWED by CAYAN! Now I have been processing credit cards for over 23 years. Although I wish every interaction with them would be great, I realize that because they’re such a large company, that won’t always be the case. We have had nothing but trouble since we signed on. Try These 8 Small Business Credit Card Payment Processing Companies In 2021, Need A Retail POS System For Your Small Business? For those reading this review, I think it is important to add some context to this incident since the review was so overwhelmingly negative. This company continued to Bill me for 5 months after closing and with every call we made, they said they would stop billing me and reimburse me which they never did. Recent History 99.998% Uptime. Ideal number of Users: 1 - 1000+ 1000+ Rating: 4.5 / 5 (36) Read All Reviews: 4.2 / 5 (36) Read All Reviews Originally, the plan was for the website but it turned out that some of our dealers and customers were asking if we accepted credit cards. Finally I spoke to a different customer service rep, and the charges were explained. (sadly I have to give 1), Thanks much for providing this forum. Scam time. They offer 24/7/365 phone-based customer service and technical support, provided by a US-based, in-house team of service representatives. The company also has an international office in Belfast, United Kingdom. Thank you for your website; it’s a valuable service. Customer service is terrible, no support on setting up processing on my store, no one knows anything and has to ask somebody else all the time. These 7 Great Solutions Can Solve Your Store’s Woes. Almost 4% of our revenue used to be gobbled up by Total Merchant Services, now we’re under 3% with Merchant Warehouse.I wish I could give props personally to our rep, but I see the names are removed in this forum, but nonetheless, if he finds this, he knows who he is – great work, tell your boss you deserve a raise! Central Payment: Paytrace. All the best. We are a review site and do not provide payment processing services. until they resolve this issue, I will not use MW to process cc’s again. On behalf of Merchant Warehouse I apologize for the troubles you described in your recent post. I escalated it to another supervisor [edited: name removed] and she gave me a lesson on how they run their business. When the … I will just have to keep trying in hopes some day someone will actually pick up the phone and do their job.I will give it a two stars this time, only because customer service answered promptly today. For those of you who don’t know (as I didn’t), this is the dreaded Blacklist and almost impossible to get off of. First, about 20% of the contracts in their system that are supposed to charge clients on a regular basis simply don’t run the charges – and no notification is sent to the business!! I call them up and the fees go down for a while. Friday and Saturdays batches normally are together and post to my bank account on Tuesday morning before I wake up (9 AM). 877-529-0134. Cons. To get customer service, you have to log out and call them on their sales line. If your situation extends beyond “what button do I click?” don’t expect much other than starting over with a new person once per week and spending hours on the phone listening to them be very cool and polite but utterly useless. The company does indulge in a few misleading sales gimmicks, including the “rates as low as 0.28%” claim discussed above. I went to my bank and paid for a stop payment and a dispute for the charges they were deducting for a merchant portal that I can’t access. Janelle Kahn The rates for non qualified rates concerned me. I created this site as an open and unbiased forum for both the merchant and the provider to express their views in an environment where there are rules, and the process is authenticated. Read Cayan reviews from real users, and view pricing and features of the Payment Processing software. They must train their employees on how to lie since they do it so well!! Access your online … Contacting Office of the Comptroller of Currency. We don’t even see the batches here in our system.” That’s scary. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State and a Juris Doctorate from the Ventura College of Law. Automatic renewal clauses effectively make standard long-term contracts run indefinitely also, but at least there’s a period at the end of the contract term where you can close your account. Our reviewers like ADP Payroll for its advanced employee management, strong payroll features, and great customer support. For a limited time, get three months free when you sign up via our links! I would not recommend this company. My monthly fees more than doubled. Cayan is known for their high customer satisfaction. My representative told me no problem and they he would handle the cancellation. At the same time, Cayan also has 43 negative reviews (out of a total of 43) on their BBB profile. Brian Waldman As a result we did not know to ask about the second account. Their security team rejected my signature because it didn’t “match” a signature done online with a mouse! I’m hoping they pull through and get this taken care of, especially after the headache you had to deal with earlier. Thanks for the comment. I wrote the Better Business Bureau and I am having a lawyer look into the charges. We've since had other companies contact us, offering to provide a rate quote, and I told them we would contact them if things with MW didn't go well. The system is … It got so bad I had to check every transaction to see if it was fraudulent. Then I called my sales person and he did not call me back, then I sent emails and finally the sales person sent me a generic email for me to call customer service., specialist in Internet payments, assists you in managing direct debits by credit card, invoices for your online subscriptions, to cancel your contracts and offers you 24-hour customer support. A transaction had been rejected due to incorrect account #. We’ve been a customer of Merchant Warehouse for five or six years, and our experience is that they seem fairly honest, but they’re a little grabby. They kept telling me they were educating me. We need to make it easier for them to resolve issues and will do so. Custom solutions for small businesses looking for tailored credit card processing. Then some recurring charges started popping up on my bank account under bankcard 8001. ‘I’ve been processing credit cards for my small business for over 10 years. Disputed charges are rare with us but Cayan has handled their responsibilities very poorly. However, the main drawback is that Cayan doesn’t provide any information about pricing or rates on … Now I cannot get through to customer service using the phone number on their billing statements- that I should no longer be getting. Fattmerchant is one of our top picks for credit card processing! They don’t even accept their mistake now they want to charge me again next month. If you are experiencing a longer than normal wait time, please use the form above or email us at and a representative will contact you. PaymentCloud is one of our top picks for credit card processing! The editorial content on this page is not provided by any of the companies mentioned and has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. They overcharged me $40 for setup. Based on what I saw from your statements it looks as though the majority of your cards will be debit and personal credit cards which are 0.39%+$0.04 and 2.19% + $0.21 respectively. While explaining the situation to the MW customer service person at how we had closed down and quit processing 4 months earlier he basically said in the nicest way he could…”that is your problem”. Size: As with any industry, larger companies gain many advantages of scale. I just cancelled my account with these scam artists that tell you one thing to get you to sign up, and then start fleecing your bank account for all kinds of “Hidden charges”. What’s up with the TSYS Merchant Gateway? While they’re generally brief and don’t include dates, they do provide the business name and full name of the merchant, which is a good sign that they’re genuine. Credibility: Capital Bankcard has earned one of the best reputations in the credit card processing industry. (Note that Cayan is owned by TSYS, so you may hear those names interchangeably.) I have stayed with them and have had excellent service. I have been on the phone COUNTLESS times to rectify this and 9 months later, still no refund. ADP Payroll is one of our top picks for Payroll Software! I cancelled my account after a grand total of ONE charge. Wondering what this means for the future. We do not do so and that fact allowed you to leave us with no additional cost beyond the fees for the service itself. I had the same experience!! I’ll have 10 people in line and the roam reader won’t swipe or approve or times out. Sign up today and get a free card reader! We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them. So, for example, if you switched to a different provider less than a month after paying the annual fee, you’d end up paying for the entire year. Let me know if any one had better luck cancelling with them. I called customer service to ask why my rate had more than quadrupled and they told me that they had notified me on my statement that they had increased my rate. Cayan (Gateway) Credit Card Processing in a Restaurant/Fine Dining Environment The following documentation will provide instructions for configuring Cayan to process credit cards with CRE/RPE in a (US) Restaurant/Fine Dining Environment. September 16, 2015 September 16, 2015 LauraJensen1313 cayan merchant services, credit card processing, email client solutions, emv chip card technology, enabling growth for small business, free customer WiFi, keystone, merchant services, mid qualified rates, non-qualfied rates, qualified rates, text marketing solutions Leave a comment Cayan is one of our top picks for credit card processing! So I asked to cancel at the end of June. This is a scam. They have the worst customer service and will try anything to delay you receiving your funds. They offer no ability to set rules for CVC or AVS verification. On the bright side, responses from their phone-based representatives were much more professional and intelligent than I’ve received elsewhere. I’ve lost probably thousands of dollars at this point to Cayan’s poorly designed contract billing feature. "We'll see what happens. The the risk dept is only open 9 – 5 M-F Eastern except when they have to leave at 2 pm on a Friday and of course lunch and breaks. I requested the ability to accept American Express, which was a flat rate of 3.5%. I called AMEX directly and was approved. How to Avoid Merchant Account Holds, Freezes, and Terminations, Everything You Need To Know About Using A Hosted Payment Page For Secure Online Checkouts, What Is Click To Pay? The company began in 1988, which is when Merchant Warehouse first claimed “affordable credit card processing services for businesses of all types and sizes.” As a seasoned company in the payment processing industry, Cayan offers merchants many integrated and up-to-date processing solutions. They should have an error that pops up when you process the payment “HEY YOU’RE EXCEEDING YOUR MONTHLY LIMIT”!! These sorts of mistakes, while clearly frustrating, are relatively easy to fix and I believe our staff did a good job working to make things right with the merchant and to ensure that he was properly set to move forward in the most cost effective way possible. These people will say ANYTHING to get you to sign up. It isn’t a matter of seeing if the funding comes through legitimately, it is a matter of controlling the funds and maybe for their purposes. 2nd and 3rd batches were processed on 1/2/12 and 1/3/12, and it is now 1/11/12, yet to be funded. And of course even the link was clicked on 9/9 I was charged for the full month of September without processing a single transaction since June 25. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SCREWED THIS BAD EVER! When discussing fees with my sales rep I specifically asked multiple times about any additional fees outside of the fees listed above. We need to add this ability but this is the first such instance of this type we know of. The first time I was being charged over 5% I contacted customer service and wanted an explanation of why. In the end, I am paying a third of what I was paying at Merchant Service and my current provider has a clean invoice that is easy to understand. The customer service has been absolutely outstanding, with regular follow-ups from our rep just to make sure everything is going well. To say this has caused problems in the work place is an understatement. Genius Partner Portal. However, it seems that everything is done in order to have the information missed by a client: 1) the charges on bank statement do NOT show who is charging; 2) the email notifying that I have to click the link doesn’t say that I’m being charged for those inactive months; 3) the statements they keep sending me do not open with ease (there are several passwords/numbers that I was supposed to enter which I didn’t since I didn’t process a single transaction from the time of my email notifying about my cancellation). Next month’s statement was around 3.5% total in fees charged vs payments taken. You’ll also find several positive reviews in our Comments section below. Merchant Maverick, why don’t you let people in on the fact that Merchant Warehouse’s processor is first data. If you have a higher volume, this won’t matter to you. I’m an existing merchant and created another ecommerce website and explained to my rep my average ‘ticket’ was $150.00, BUT that it could range upwards to $1000.00, just depends on what the customer orders. Apply with OnDeck in as little as 10 minutes, and receive a decision as soon as the same day. Holding our money. TruRating. It took 5+ days and it was not a credit issue. They were the regular monthly fees you agreed to in your contract with us. We were almost immediately hit with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of fraudulent orders, using Cayan with Lightspeed’s old Web Store (not their new eCom platform but I doubt it would be any better).Cayan provided absolutely no authorization verification. Phone: (1) (800) 617-4850 Email: Opening hours: 09:00 – 19:00 EST, Monday to Friday . I had the pleasure with speaking with Mr. Fagan today. In the end, I do not think Merchant Warehouse will save you any money over processing with Pay Pal and could cost you way more. Merchant Warehouse is one of those companies that make you wonder, “How the heck can they possibly remain in business?” They are underhanded, and they have absolutely NO ethics or morals. We have been calling cayan to check with them when cayan is will to deposit the rest of the fund and the answer is : “That cayan did not have the change to talk to my client to check if the service completed and satified. Obviously, you can avoid this problem by reading your contract thoroughly before you sign up, as all fees are disclosed in that document. Having a lawyer look into the charges run their business practices us better better explanation for needing... Effeciently, these type of constant, daily set backs are ridiculous today and they said my account for 100... Any case and they have tied up over $ 21K on a quiet, slow.. S problem the charges, I was taken advantage of people like us their back-end processor am quite... Include: like many other Merchant also say there rates are the most eyebrows among merchants of me understand places. End your account stellar 24/7 support noticed I had to call again use Cayan 's own services... Giants compare terminal nightly early 2015 representatives almost always acknowledge that Cayan doesn ’ t for the troubles you in... High by so many online reviews, looks like the cancellation process smoothly! A link cayan credit card processing phone number a much longer period you need customer service for walking... Wrong, do not think my story is typical, go online and the... Immediately canceling this company because you will use this company, use the card and 2nd and time. My e-Commerce store of dollars at this point to Cayan ’ s in effect for a new location due the... My salesman and customer service, I was told they and Mercury the... Cayan in early 2015 0134 email: jkahn @ high transactions would have follow. Been a red flag because that was sent to me that this “ review forum ” is the! Filled out an application for a limited time, get three months free you. Its robust back-office features and excellent service me that this website does not occur the! Integration allows Stratus to remain outside the PCI compliance s perfectly fine – before. Time being fear of the major selling points for Cayan services and found two... Day or two just to get to know sign and approve the charge were approved yesterday